• Specials At Politz


    Art: The art program at Politz enables our students to exercise their self-expression in a myriad of creative ways. Commencing in kindergarten, our students explore their artistic interests and learn how to manipulate color by blending different media. Art history is an integral part of this program, as our students are introduced to famous artists and learn how to produce artwork in the manner of these masters.

    Music: Our music program is designed for students from preschool through fourth grade. Our younger children explore music through singing, dance and movement. As students get older, they have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument. Learning about composers, the orchestra, and music theory provide our students with valuable skills and knowledge. All students bring home songs to enjoy with their families on Shabbat and holidays.

    Computers: The Elementary level computer curriculum is based on the integration of regular classroom work with computers. Keyboarding, mouse skills, formatting, saving files and navigating the network are developed as students complete assignments in various subject areas. Our students use software programs such as Kidpix, Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7, and Microsoft Paint to create many diverse projects throughout the year. The Middle School computer curriculum echoes the work that is covered in the core curriculum. Both long- and short-term research projects help bring new concepts to life. Keyboarding, mouse skills, and research skills are refined and navigating both the internal network and the internet are taught. Care and maintenance of the computer is taught along with knowledge of internet safety and behavior.

    Library: The Politz Day School Library is housed in our new building and boasts state-of-the-art facilities with an inviting touch. The library opened in September 2006 with a comprehensive book collection, as well as a computerized card catalog and search functionality that make the library simple to use for students. In addition to the regular fiction and non-fiction books for preschool, Elementary and middle school age children, the library has an extensive Judaica collection which includes many Sefarim. The Judaica collection also contains books on Jewish history and Israel, Holocaust literature, biographies of famous Jewish figures, and Jewish philosophy, among other things. An active library committee works regularly to enhance and upgrade our library resources through grants and private donations.

    Enrichment: This new initiative to embellish our academic agenda with extra programming serves to enrich and expand our students’ learning experiences. Our 8th grade AP Literature course was a huge success. The investment yielded a credit for an extra semester of Language Arts that will be honored by the area high schools.

    Choir: Our Elementary School choir, comprised of both boys and girls, performs at school functions and a variety of community events. Under the guidance of a talented choir instructor, our choir members are enthusiastic and represent Politz Day School beautifully.

    Basketball: Our boys’ basketball team, The Pumas, continue for another great season! Working together in a congenial atmosphere, the boys have been developing their teamwork and basketball skills as they gear up for inter-school competitions.

    Clubs: Students have the option of joining a school club. The staff supervised clubs meet during lunch once a week. Clubs include math, drama, dance and band. Clubs are afforded the opportunity during the year to perform.

    Student Council: Student Council is a source of excitement at Politz each year. Following our Student Council campaigning and election process, members of the Council work on improving the quality of life for their peers at Politz. Chanukah donut making, Winter Festivities Day, an amazing Shabbaton, and snow tubing trips are some of the activities that have been sponsored by our Student Council in recent years.

    PEP Program: The Politz Enrichment Program provides after school activities for our students. We currently offer classes in Karate, Cooking, Woodworking, Sketching, Bowling, and Homework Help. Our students spend an enjoyable hour at the end of the school day under the guidance of trained specialists in these areas. Our offerings change with each year; we have provided dozens of options over the years in the realm of music, sports, dance, and drama, often geared towards what interests our students most.

    Holiday Performances: Our Elementary students present fabulous performances that celebrate the message of our holidays at Thanksgiving, Chanukah, President’s Day, and Purim. Students and faculty work together to craft exquisite costumes and delightful routines for the delight of parents, relatives, friends, and other guests. Our annual Purim Carnival is a highlight of school life. Colorful and creative costumes, lively music and challenging booths greet our students each Shushan Purim. The celebration is absolutely magnificent!

    Class Trips: Each year Politz provides a variety of school trips designed to enhance our students’ learning experiences. Recent trips have included:

    • Adventure Aquarium
    • Poconos Snow Tubing
    • Arden Children’s Theatre
    • Philadelphia Orchestra at the Kimmel Center
    • Lakewood Matzah Bakery
    • Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge
    • Pomona Hall (Museum of Colonial New Jersey)
    • Trenton State House
    • Recycling Center
    • Battleship New Jersey
    • Franklin Institute
    • National Constitution Center
    • Johnson’s Corner Farm
    • Springdale Farms
    • Cherry Hill Mayor’s Office & Township Municipal Building