In the Elementary School and Middle School, we integrate technology into our innovative dual curriculum as a platform to enhance traditional teaching methods. Starting in Grade 1, we incorporate technology to expand our students’ abilities to solve problems, think critically, write, conduct research, and connect to our world. In the Judaic department, students utilize their individual iPads for activities such as highlighting and underlining the main components of text, recording and verbal testing for knowledge and increasing comprehension. The Judaic curriculum is enhanced with applications such as Notability, Inspiration, Keynote, Explain Everything, Voice Thread, iMovie and Quizlet. Our General Studies program explodes with creativity, as technology allows differentiated instruction and individualized projects. Students have opportunities to take microphotographs, annotate photos for projects and enhance their reading comprehension and data collection using Achieve3000. IXL, our data collection program for math and language arts, allows students to work at their own pace and level, generating real-time analytical reports and dynamic scoring to encourage mastery. In our classrooms, students create iMovies and presentations, take slow motion science lab videos and utilize mapping opportunities with Google Earth. Students in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade have a formal computer curriculum that includes coding in older grades. These advanced technology and educational resources ensure that our students become outstanding 21st century learners.