• Class Birthday Celebration: Cupcake Party 
    An easy and affordable way for your child to celebrate his/her birthday with the entire class and support the PPA. 

    Pas Yisroel and Pareve!!

    For $15 your child's class will have a celebration with cupcakes. 

    The cupcakes will be delivered to your child's class on his/her birthday or celebration date of your choice. 

    You must complete the form for your child and pay at least 1 week prior to the classroom birthday celebration or party can not be guaranteed.

    Click here  to sign your child up! 

    To pay, a check for $15 (made payable to Politz Parents Association) must be sent in to the Politz front desk office or pay via paypal to ppa@politz.org with subject birthdays. 
    If you have any questions, please email ppa@politz.org