Save the Date! Wednesday, May 13, 2020
  • We are excited to announce that our Annual Gala will take place on Wednesday, May 13, 2020. Our theme this year is ‘Pillars of Politz.’ We have very deserving honorees who are all Pillars of our School, including Mr. David Farber, Mr. and Mrs. Aaron and Sabrina Spector, and Mr. and Mrs. Sam and Betty Girlya. We are extremely honored to be recognizing three wonderful faculty members, Mrs. Pnina Horowitz, Mrs. Barbara Wolf and Mrs. Karen Sinai. All three faculty members are being recognized for their commitment and dedication to Politz Day School for over 20 years. 

    Mr. David Farber has served on the Politz Board of Directors in many advisory roles over the years. He has spearheaded our construction committee and can often be seen walking the halls of Politz on his way to meeting with the contractors and architect. We are so happy to be giving David the recognition he so richly deserves.

    Aaron and Sabrina Spector have been parents at Politz since 2008. Their names are synonymous with volunteering at our school. Sabrina has always been part of the fabric of our Lay Leadership and most recently served as Board Chair. Aaron and Sabrina have both been vocal advocates for Politz in our greater community, and we are thrilled that they agreed to this well-deserved honor. Together with their children, Leah (Alum ’18), AJ (’20), Danny and Cara, the Spectors are intrinsic to the past, present and future of Politz.

    Sam and Betty Girlya are one of those special couples who understand Jewish communal life and know how vital day schools are to its long term success. Adding to a long list of community askanut, Sam is currently involved in overseeing our gym/educational annex construction project. Although he has retired from the construction business, the building has become a full time endeavor, with Betty’s full support. He is a true Pillar of Politz and has been instrumental in making sure that the project is being done right, at the best possible price. 

    Faculty Recognition Awardees

    Mrs. Pnina Horowitz has been a faculty member at Politz for well over 30 years. Her gentle touch, warmth and many years of experience, has created the safe space in her Resource Room, where she encourages her students to shine. Whether she is reviewing Chumash or Navi, helping with Kriah/Reading or Safa/Hebrew Language, Mrs. Horowitz does it with a smile and a sense of purpose. We are honored to recognize Mrs. Horowitz for her many years of service to Politz.

    When you think of fourth grade at Politz, you think of Mrs. Barbara Wolf. Countless students over the past 20 years will tell you that Mrs. Wolf was their favorite. Her firm but loving way of teaching has given hundreds of students the stability, knowledge, and structure needed to believe in themselves and succeed in Middle School and beyond. Mrs. Wolf is overdue for this special recognition!

    Mrs. Karen Sinai is a beloved Middle School science teacher. Many years of teaching at Politz have made her a staple of the Middle School faculty. Whether she’s doing an experiment, feeding the fish, dissecting a heart or teaching an interactive STEM class, Mrs. Sinai’s passion for her subject matter and her students shines through. Her alumni students, who attend a  broad spectrum of high schools, consistently report to us how well prepared they were for their science classes. It is an honor truly deserved!

    I hope you will join me on May 13th to honor all these special individuals. It promises to be a wonderful event, with fun entertainment, delicious food and so much more. A formal invitation will be sent out in the coming weeks. Please look out for that and sign up to attend the dinner. We will also produce a journal to commemorate the event, celebrate our school, and recognize our special honorees. Please participate by placing and soliciting ads.

    Finally, if you would like to volunteer your time and talents to help with the planning of the dinner, please reach out to our esteemed dinner chairs, Eve Cantor and Natalie Horowitz.


    With warmest wishes,


    Rabbi Avraham Glustein

    Head of School