• Middle School

    Grades 6 - 8 

    Judaic Studies

    Our objective in Middle School is to equip our students with knowledge, fortitude, and passion that will ensure a strong Jewish identity and commitment to Torah study. We instill a true love of Jewish life in every student, while teaching them the skills necessary to progress and grow in all areas of Jewish life. We also seek to solidly prepare each student for the High School of his or her choice.
    Our comprehensive curriculum in the Written Torah realm consists of Tanach, Chumash, Navi, and Parsha. Our Torah Shel B’al Peh (Oral Torah) curriculum consists of Mishnah, Gemarah, and Halachah. Both curricula include study of the commentaries and are designed to reinforce, complement, and extend that which the students have studied at the elementary level. Analytical skills are brought to the next level as they are challenged to delve into the depths of the texts and leave no stone unturned as they search for deeper meaning. Text skills are also polished as students are encouraged to decode and comprehend the material at ever-increasing levels of self-sufficiency. Our Middle School Judaic teachers are extremely well versed in their disciplines and stay current with the best practices in their respective fields. Our students develop analytic skills that poise them for success in any field of study. 

    The subjects of Midot (character traits) and Jewish philosophy are addressed both in class and through topical discussions with visiting speakers. Students are encouraged to think, question, and reach a meaningful level of understanding about important Jewish matters.

    General Studies 
    Language Arts: The goal of the Middle School language arts program is to develop life-long readers, writers and users of language. The program includes use of the textbook, Glencoe Literature, which includes all of the genres of literature. The book is arranged by themes that concern and interest young people. In addition to the vocabulary related to literature, students complete the challenging Sadlier/Oxford vocabulary series. In the context of formal writing assignments, students are trained to engage and feel comfortable with all elements of the writing process: brainstorming, writing the first draft, revising, editing, and producing the final draft. To help them with revising and editing their writing, formal instruction is given in grammar, mechanics, and usage. Additionally, each class begins with an editing skill that provides a solid foundation in proper writing. Novels are analyzed and discussed in class, and creative book reports are a consistent and integral part of the program. After students are exposed to basic research skills, each student is required to complete a research paper.

    Math: The Middle School has a spiral math curriculum which, in the sixth grade, reinforces the skills previously introduced at the elementary level. Seventh grade continues these skills in the context of pre-algebra and geometry. Algebra I is the course of study in eighth grade. Students are introduced to graphing equations, interpreting those graphs, and using these tools to solve everyday problems.

    Social Studies: Our middle school social studies curriculum stresses the importance of connecting the past and present worldwide using a variety of sources. Our students study Ancient World history and United States history, with a focus on geography. Judaic history is incorporated in the curriculum throughout the year. Our social studies curriculum is taught using an interactive approach. Students discuss and analyze current events, learn how to interpret maps and graphs, and will become acquainted with the use of primary source documents, both historical and current. Student participation is encouraged in daily lessons, as well as in student presentations and projects.

    Science: The Middle School science program includes units on the subjects of life science, human science, chemistry, physical science, environmental science, and earth science. The students gradually learn independence in the lab utilizing their measuring skills, microscope skills and growing knowledge of data collecting and interpretation. Through debates, research projects, surveys, and open-ended experiments, they learn to use critical thinking in the science classroom. The Middle School participates in the Science Fair which involves long term planning and organization, development of hypotheses, and the scientific method. In addition, our students thoroughly integrate computers and science, engaging in computer based projects that teach them to present data using Power Point, Microsoft Word and Excel software.

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