• Board of Trustees

    Politz’s growth and success have been enhanced by the active participation of our lay leaders, who strive to enable all parents to participate in the educational experience of their children. As the guardian of the school's mission, it is the Board's responsibility to ensure that Politz Day School's initiatives are appropriate, relevant, and vital to the community it serves. Working in close partnership with the Head of School, the Board guides and supports Politz in the successful fulfillment of its mission. If you would like to get involved or have a particular area of expertise to share with Politz, please feel free to contact with any the executive members of our Board of Trustees, listed below.
    Sabrina Spector
    Brenda Bender, MD, Vice President
    Daniel Eisenstein, Vice President
    David Kirsten, Treasurer 
    Shealtiel Weinberg, Esq., Secretary
    Ex Officio
    Alise R. Panitch, Esq.
    Board Members
    Jacob Bagley, DDS
    Molly Bindell
    Avraham Cohen, MD 
    Robert Cohen, Esq.
     Neal Cupersmith, CPA
    Michal Drabkin
    David Farber
    Jeffrey Fineberg, PhD
    Betty Girlya 
    Batya Gluck, DMD
    James Kellmer
    Eric Klein, PhD
    Rachel S. Klein
    Noah Lindenberg, MD
    Suzanne Lubin
    Vanessa Mellul
    Harvey Mindel
    Suzie Mindel, PhD 
     Michael Partnow, MD
    Aaron Roller
    Adam Shulman
    Advisory Board
    Jerry & Shelly Abramson
    Myron & Tanya Buchman
    Dawne Eichen, DMD
    Joan Feinberg
    Allen Fineberg
    Carolyn Hochstadter Dicker, Esq.
    Eytan Irwin, MD
    Rabbi Yitzchok Kahan
    Michael Klein
    Jeff & Maureen Klein
    Michael & Esther Konig
    Leon & Fran Levy
    Don & Judy Love 
    Lee Meadvin, DDS 
    Eileen Perice
    Bernie & Judy Platt
    Alison Platt-Tarnopol
    Roselee Redelheim
    Zev & Carol Rose
    Achim & Gerrie Rudoler
     Aliza Silverstein, CPA
    Alan Vogelson

    Rabbinic Leadership
    Rabbi Bernard E. Rothman, Dean
    Rabbi Avraham Glustein, M.S.Ed., Head of School 

Last Modified on August 12, 2016