• Hebrew Language

    Hebrew language instruction is a vital component of the Politz curriculum. Taught by native-speaking Hebrew Language specialists, our Hebrew Language program is geared to help our students become conversant in Modern Hebrew. Students are tracked by ability level so that they are able to learn and take language acquisition risks in a safe environment. We employ best practices in differentiated instruction to help maximize each student's learning experience.
    Our Hebrew Language curriculum was developed after a thorough process of research and consultation with Hebrew Language educators around the country. For our fourth and fifth grades we use the Chaverim B’Ivrit series. Our Middle School uses the acclaimed NETA program, which integrates the four essentials of second language acquisition at a more advanced level. All students receive textbooks at their level. NETA has ingeniously incorporated Israeli culture and society into the curriculum so that students learn the language in an engaging manner with a flavor of contemporary Israel. The students are taught to apply their newly honed Hebrew language skills to new conversational situations, thus ensuring that they truly develop a working knowledge of Ivrit.
    Our programming features Israel Studies throughout the school year, using educational methods that include Project David, documentary videos, and visits by Israeli Shlichim, as well as map study and biblical source reviews of our millennia-long connection to our homeland.